People First

Spectrum Review Services (SRS) is a national, full service, health and care management organization striving to help Employers, Third Party Administrators, Insurance Companies, Unions, Managed Care Organizations and Public Health Programs with their healthcare needs. We put people first in all that we do.

Quality Care

Our experienced staff and management take pride in providing an assortment of health and care management programs specially designed to help better manage financial resources for our clients. SRS clients can continue providing their health benefit plan participants with Easily Accessible, Economical, and Quality Medical Care.

Reduce Cost

With a team of exceptional healthcare professionals, we maintain an open dialogue of communication and sharing to guide each partner/client to the healthcare management plan that suits their distinctive needs. Understanding the unique needs our clients allows us to better develop our programs and services for greater success.

Why SRS?

As a company, SRS feels that it is vitally important for us to maintain a creative edge by keeping abreast of new technology and methods that allow us to perform our services in the most consistent and efficient way possible. We have also found that listening to our clients and translating what they tell us into meaningful services has been an invaluable way for us to remain successful in what we do as a team. Our clients tell us that they want the “personal touch” and “people who care” from their healthcare management company and that is what we make every effort to provide for them and their health plan participants.

Medical Care Management

A collaborative process that promotes recommended treatment plans to assure the appropriate medical care is provided to injured, ill or disabled individuals.  The SRS Medical Care Team consists of All licensed Nurses with expertise in acute, chronic, and home care as well as reimbursement for health care. These professionals act as advocates to assist the employee/insured through the multi-level health care system.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease affects more than 100 million Americans and accounts for 75% of the nation’s annual health care costs. The SRS Chronic Disease Management Program is designed to better manage those patients who have contracted lifelong illnesses and who need the extra encouragement, education, and management of their disease to keep it from getting to an acute level, requiring costly hospitalizations or surgeries.

Chronic disease
Utilization Review

Utilization Review

SRS Utilization In-Patient Review Process includes Pre-Admission Review which evaluates the medical necessity and appropriateness of Planned, Elective Hospitalizations. It is during the Pre-Admission Review process that early Discharge Planning begins along with PPO/Network steerage and the identification of potential Large Care & Chronic Disease Management Cases.

High Risk Pregnancy

The time to identify and manage high-risk pregnancies, including the reduction of pre-term labor and delivery, is early in the pregnancy, not later. Complicated pregnancies, labor and delivery can cost a benefit plan $ 500,000 or more. Preterm births or low weight births complicated by high risk factors can top or exceed a million dollars, not to mention the emotional trauma to the family involved.

New & Cutting Edge

SRS proudly announces the “Intelligent Pre-Authorization Program”. This Program allows SRS to immediately notify the Third Party Administrator, Insurance Company, Payor of an admission into a facility that is not an in-network provider or establish the framework for RBP negotiation. Once this situation has been identified, SRS will assist in getting the patient to a facility that is in-network or start the process of getting the rates negotiated in order to save the client/employer group money.