Medical Care Management

The SRS Medical Care Management Program

This is a collaborative process that promotes recommended treatment plans to assure the appropriate medical care is provided to injured, ill or disabled individuals.  The SRS Medical Care Team consists of all licensed nurses with expertise in acute, chronic, and home care as well as reimbursement for health care. These professionals act as advocates to assist the employee/insured through the multi-level health care system.

The expert SRS Medical Care Management staff does it right. Knowledge, dedication, commitment, reputation, and ethics all combine to help the injured, ill and/or disabled individual return to a productive lifestyle and keep the plan’s benefits cost under control by utilizing the PPO networks and negotiating to get the best cost.


When the client agrees to the Medical Care Management Program for a specific patient, the care manager will begin a thorough process of assessing the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, care needs and procedural outcome desired. This detailed work requires contacting the physician and healthcare team as well as speaking with the patient and family to gather all information about the patient’s case. In assuring the most cost-effective treatment, the Medical Care Manager will also verify PPO network status. 

Treatment Planning

After the assessment is completed, the SRS Medical Care Manager will develop a treatment plan that will include the desired care and most cost-effective outcomes and timeframe to successfully meet immediate, as well as short and long-term care needs for the patient.

Care Evaluation Reports

Once the plan is established the client will receive a report with an evaluation summary that includes expected outcomes, treatment plan, and cost savings. The SRS Care Manager will maintain communication with the providers, the patient and the clients.  The SRS Medical Care Manager will closely monitor the quality of care and services of each individual.

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